Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In Defense of Single Parents

Katrina Fernandez' recent post at The Crescat initially made me kind of frustrated and a little annoyed. Fernandez seems to resent the fact that the “gifted gays” got so much Synodal attention while single parents got only a one line mention. My first reaction was: Why do we feel the need to fight over the crumbs from the family table? The folks who kindof, sortof got maybe a little recognized (tentatively...) at the Extraordinary Synod are mostly people who have been routinely sidelined and marginalized within our community. Agreed, single parents are also in that boat. But why can't you say “Hey, we need recognition too” without implying that other people don't need recognition as much, or don't deserve the modicum of acknowledgement that they've received?
Then I read the com-box.
Then I thought some more.