Friday, April 19, 2013

Day of Silence



  1. Sorry for my ubtuseness. What happened today?

  2. "Day of Silence" came to our public schools about ten years ago. It is an annual "activity" sponsored by GLSN to empower young activists who learn how easy it is to intimidate school authorities into silence. The students are trained in techniques as outlined in Rules for Radicals, effectively achieving the submission of adults in the school and community who understand that resistance could subject them to lawsuits or shaming by negative publicity.

    1. If adult authorities can be successfully intimidated by a group of kids sticking duct tape over their mouths for a day, the problem is not with the activists, it's with the authorities. If LGBTQ activists were so easily intimidated, there would be no gay-rights movement. Coming out of the closet is seriously scary, it takes a huge amount of courage, and it inevitably subjects you to shaming and negative publicity. If Christians believed in Christianity as much as the LGBTQ community believes in gay rights, the New Evangelization would be smoking. The problem is that we aren't willing to face even the most trivial forms of suffering for our faith. When we whine about that, it's just disgraceful.

  3. Day Of Silence is a day which is observed on the third Friday of April. The basic idea is that students are silent in solidarity with LGBTQ people, especially youth, who have been shamed, bullied or otherwise silenced.

  4. You're absolutely right -- the failure is that of the so-called adults, not just in the schools but in the whole community, especially among the critical mass of the parents and grandparents in the community, who have no memory of where their ultimate authority -- and responsibility --comes from. After all, when they were students themselves in the '60s, they famously questioned authority -- and the adults at that time had no response. Not surprising that they are now speechless when confronted with a similar challenge by the next generation.

  5. The day of silence is a tool of Satan that was directly noticed in After the Ball. It was also known to be used when the Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. The Illuminati and Reptilians, with the possible addition of all the suffering souls in hell, revel in joy at its use. It is the most powerful weapon in the Gay Agenda, and we as Christians have a duty to fight it at all costs. After all, who would want suicide prevention or any of that nice stuff.


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