Thursday, June 25, 2009

Myopic Media

I thought that I would stop by one of the big gltb news sites to see if I could find something interesting, new, and cutting edge to blog about. No such luck. What I was surprised -- perhaps unreasonably -- by, was the fact that the news site I was surfing reminded me of several single-issue Catholic sites that I've been on. It's a matter, I think, of there being too little news spread over too many articles, or of a need to produce something to say on a specific topic, even if there is nothing to say at all.
In this case, the cutting edge news was that some gay celebrity had called some straight celebrity a "faggot," which of course had produced statements by GLAAD, and a general outcry of utterly ludicrous proportions. But this is not limited to the gay community, or even the politically correct community. The same sort of thing crops up on the right-wing side of the fence when the spotlight is turned on any person or agency that might have said something that could have been construed as being pro-abortion, or because a Catholic organization allowed someone who once voted for a gay-rights bill to speak on an unrelated subject at a dinner, and so on and so forth.
There's a kind of pettiness about this, no matter who does it. It's the culture wars equivalent of sending out the troops to defend a couple square centimetres of squalid, barren, shrapnel covered ground, and it produces an interminable squabble in which the stakes are practically nothing at all. Worse, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of anyone who comes across it and is not firmly on-side, and it helps to trivialize the issues.

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  1. I agree with you; it is painful to try and watch the news. CNN, MSNBC and others like them are so biased to the left that it’s almost funny if it weren't so sad. On the other hand FOX News is just a constant argument, no news, just arguing over everything ad infinitum.

    The 24/7, 365 news programming has caused this. A constant stream of so called "news" and its now inevitable "commentary"; at least papers of old required a period of a few hours to digest things and give some perspective. Now is all immediate.

    It seems to me all truly dysfunctional

    By the way, I find your blog very informative in an a very difficult area, one where one seldom finds a balanced perspective on things. Keep the good work.



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